Story about The Old Glass Shop, LLC

Anyone native to Paris, IL is familiar with a building circa 1950s located on the North side of Twin Lakes known as “the old glass shop”. Paris Glass specialized in glass repair, cutting, installation and stained-glass manufacturing. The business ran its course and the building sat vacant for over 30 years. Today the old glass shop is back in the spotlight – a complete remodel inside and out gave it a new light, with a new purpose and a familiar name: The Old Glass Shop.

A very different branding tackles a long-time need in Paris. Visitors come to shop a variety of live bait and tackle products, play the video poker machines and enjoy a Smashburger with a vintage glass bottle soda or favorite beer in the attached restaurant with amazing lake views. Open 7 days a week, The Old Glass Shop is a unique family friendly destination for a day trip or work day lunch break.